Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Make someone smile today!

Have you seen people occupying the seats reserved for senior citizens and act as if they are asleep when a senior citizen stands in a crowded bus? I have seen many such instances in Bangalore. Sitting on their seat is not a crime when there is no older person in the bus. But when someone is there and if you act as if you did not notice, remember you'd become very old one day too. I pray that you buy a car soon before all your hairs go white. On a serious note, where are the chivalrous men? Are they not being produced anymore? Please do not tell me that the fairer sex have started looking at chivalrous men as flirts and that had lead to the death of chivalry. I am not buying it!

But then there are real men who you can admire and look up to. I can quote hundreds of incidents where they had given a different meaning to being kind and chivalrous. They're empathetic and it rains because we have such people on earth. Here is an incident that happened to one of my mentors, Mr. Mathai Fenn. Here is his account of what has happened to him today morning in Ernakulam.

This is the bus Mr. Mathai Fenn traveled

"Today I traveled between Ernakulam town hall to Manorama junction in this bus. I was terrified by the driver as two people in the bus lost balance. As the bus approached my stop, I told the conductor that I have a disability and politely asked him not to move the bus until I have alighted. He asked me to alight from the front door. I told him that I am afraid to walk to the front door when the driver drives like this. For which the conductor said, "You have a disabled leg and already you are talking so much. What would you say if you have more disabilities?"

He ended the conversation with


I am a big fan of public transport. I believe private buses in Kerala ought to be held accountable for their recklessness.

As the conductor walked away, my co passenger told me, "You will soon learn that they don't care about us, the law or anyone else!! "

It makes your blood boil. Isn't it? The private bus drivers are always in a hurry and they do not care about the safety of the passengers and to make things worse, they have a very bad attitude. This is the reason why the drivers of the buses get roughed up when they hit a motorist or a pedestrian even if the bus driver is not at fault.

Next time, when you see someone older than you standing in a crowded bus, offer him your seat irrespective of where you're seated.  Wouldn't you be doing this to your dad or mom? I am sure, you would. Be compassionate and kind. Help a stranger. Make someone smile today. Let us join hands to spread this legacy! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Emergence of the incorrupt

In the ocean of democracy we, the common man, are nothing but drops of water. Individually we are weak, insignificant and unaccounted for. But these very tiny drops of water can come together to form waves that can be as destructible as a tsunami. Same can be said about the recent Delhi election results. A party that was established barely two years ago, as an offshoot of perhaps the largest public movement since Independence, is today the ruling party at the capital. When a group of dedicated & self-motivated non-political individuals stepped into the muck of politics, they were initially ignored, ridiculed, defamed and even threatened. But this brave team of revolutionaries knew that the only way politics can be cleaned in this country is when good, honest and visionary individuals step into the arena and take the battering and finally emerge victorious.

Politics has become such a demeaning word in the largest democracy of the world that it has come to be associated with all things wrong and evil. People had no choice but to choose among a bunch of criminals, businessmen and selfish individuals, who were put up as candidates by nearly all the political parties. Such was the rage among the people that when one frail old man raised his voice against corruption, millions of seemingly helpless people broke the threshold of tolerance and came out on streets to protest against corruption and support the anti-incumbency movement.

Out of this wrath, frustration, helplessness and a burning desire to bring about a change, a party that was truly ‘by the people, of the people and for the people’, was born. And today, after two years, this fury of common man has empowered this very young party to penetrate into the walls & barriers set up by system and decades old political parties. Today, a true representative of common man stands tall among the so called elite and political big shots who, until now, had an impregnable grip over power and democracy.

But as they say, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. With great power comes great responsibility. The true litmus test of the party has just begun. Now, they will have to work hard to stand up to the trust and confidence that people have put in them. The path won’t be easy as once you are in the spotlight, your every move, every decision and every word will be scrutinized and henceforth there will be more criticism & brickbats than acclaims. The same media that hailed you as heroes will now judge you; the same people who until now supported you, will start asking questions. However, true essence of democracy lies in the fact that no person should take his power or position for granted and must constantly deliver. It is hard to reach the top, but harder to stay there. Now is the time to repay faith of the people and give them good governance, justice, security, employment and a clean and corruption free governance. Winning seats is easier than winning hearts.

Despite what happens in the future, Delhi election results have truly portrayed the power of a common man and hope this encourages more people with clean images to enter into politics and drive out the rust and weeds spread all over our system because the government is meant to serve the people and not the other way round.

This article is written by Raju Verghese. Follow him on Facebook here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A single rupee or a crore, it is my money.

Whenever a bus conductor or a shopkeeper doesn't give me my change after buying something, an incident that happened few years ago always comes to my mind. I was traveling by bus and there was a boy seated next to me. He seemed very sad and I started conversing with him. His father who is a drunkard has abandoned them. To earn a living and and to take care of his two siblings, his mother had decided to send him to work in Chennai. It seems she too was working as a maid. He was hardly 14 years old. He had tears in his eyes when he told me this.

 All he had was a 100 rupee note his mother had given him. The fare for the ticket to Chennai was INR 56 at that time. The conductor gave him 40 rupees back and told him that he would give the 4 rupees later. The boy was very much anxious to get his money back. Each time somebody paid the conductor for a ticket, the boy would ask if he could get his 4 rupees back. The conductor was annoyed and yelled at the boy. This went on for sometime and I also felt that the conductor was arrogant.  I started an argument with the bus conductor. Finally it erupted into a verbal spat but luckily I got some support from other passengers and finally the conductor gave him the money. The boy was happy and I felt really good for what I did. It doesn't matter if it is just 4 rupees, it was the boy's money and it was a lot for him. If he hadn't told me his story,  I may not have fought with the conductor.

Yesterday at a bakery in Bangalore, I was given a 5 rupee biscuit packet as the guy at the bakery did not have change. I said, I need the change and not biscuits. He said, in that case, I should wait. I didn't have the time and I took the biscuit packet and left. At least the brand he gave was Britannia Good Day. I was bored today and I thought of visiting the bakery again and ordered the same what I ordered the previous day. And the guy asked me if I have INR 5, I said YES and gave him the biscuit packet he gave me the previous day. Boy! You should have seen his face. He picked himself up quickly and said, "No, sir! I cannot take it back from you. I can only take it from a distributor." Poor soul! I victimized him to my verbal diarrhea with a pinch of sarcasm and he took that packet back.

Having done that, I walked back home as if I just conquered the world. And in another similar incident, the guy at a medical shop near my home snatched the World I'd conquered earlier. I asked for a roll of surgical cotton and the shop-keeper said it is INR 20 and I gave him INR 20. What I got back was this cotton roll and 2 Vicks candies. I looked for the MRP on the roll and it was INR 18. I asked him for a receipt and he gave without the slightest hesitation. Well, I forgot for a moment that we live in India. He knows I am not going to a consumer court for this. 

This is the receipt he gave me

I started walking back thinking about buying Economic Times newspaper tomorrow morning for INR 4 when the actual price is INR 3.50 .No one really accepts 50 Paise coins anymore. And here is an article on Economic Times on the same.  If that is so, why ET should fix the price as INR 3.50? Irony just died a thousand deaths. Is it correct to withhold someone else's money or thrust upon him something that he doesn't want to buy? Is this right on our part to silently accept this? That said, ladies and gentlemen, I may not have a story like that boy on the bus, but it is my money, a single rupee or a crore, it is my money.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Solution to the math problem from Singapore that went viral on the internet

Here is our solution to the math problem from Singapore that went viral on the internet. It is a question from a global math Olympiad for high school children in Singapore.

Check this image for the question

What we need to find is the birthday of Cheryl. Cheryl tells them separately the month and day of her birthday and gives them 10 possible dates.

So, Albert knows the month and Bernard knows the day. 

From the first line of the conversation, 

Albert: I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know that Bernard does not know too.

He says Bernard doesn't know too. Why?

Let us say, if Cheryl told Bernard the day is on 19th, he would have easily got the answer as May without Albert revealing the month. The same applies for the date 18th. Since he says Bernard doesn't know, then she must have told him either July or August, so we can eliminate all the dates from the month May and June.

Now we are left with 5 possible dates and just two months.

Now Bernard says,

Bernard: At first I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know now.

Remember Bernard knows the date and he mentions this.  Out of these 5 options, if the day was 14th, Bernard would not be still knowing but he says, "but I know now." 

Therefore we can eliminate July 14 and August 14. Now we're left with three options July 16, August 15 and August 17.

Now if Cheryl has told Albert that the month was August, he wouldn't be still knowing as there are two dates in August and he just knows the month. But he says, in the last line of the conversation,

Albert:    Then I also know when Cheryl’s birthday is.

That means it must be July 16th.

If you still did not understand, comment us below. We would be glad to help!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Corporate Golf

Corporate Golf is a term coined for the group of people from corporate world playing Golf on a regular basis, either for fun or for business. They keep the Golf courses busy across the Globe wherever Golf is appreciated. Corporate firms are large organizations with influential decision makers, professionals, high profile personnel and Golf has always been associated with being elite and sophisticated. This is what makes Corporates and Golf go hand in hand. It will suffice to say that Corporate leaders have a great hand behind the growth of Golf worldwide, without them Golf would have remained only a recreational sport. But now it is an industry in itself. 

Golf has an attribute of elegance attached to it and is very popular among the corporates as it gives an opportunity for golfers to interact with each other while playing and it also helps in cracking some lucrative business deals. Golf is considered synonymous with business and probably every second Golfer is playing either to develop good rapport with his senior colleagues or to impress a golf-loving client. And what makes Golf reach the wider audience is that it can be played by people of all ages with differing abilities, a 25 years old young executive can play with his 60 years old High Net Worth Client and sometimes losing a game may be more beneficial than winning it!

Playing golf with friends or in a group helps in healthy exchange of information and communication. Many  strong and healthy business relations start on a Golf Course. The calm mind gives one the peace to communicate strongly and effectively without the stress of an official business setting. One can plan out the entire day's activity even as one is walking around the greens chasing the ball or thinking about the next shot. It teaches how to remain calm under pressure, control temper, think strategically and above all gives a nice and healthy walk on a lush green environment. What else does a corporate guy need? 

Generally, a lot of corporates organize Golf events for their clients and associates to build trust and rapport. A one or two day corporate Golf events are planned, specially managed by professional Golf event management companies, because it is not just about playing and interacting, it is about an experience which the organizers want to give to their invitees. A well-organized corporate golf event is very beneficial as it helps to distinguish your company from the rest and helps in building relationship with new clients and to reinforce the relationship with existing customers.

An event organized by one corporate is an opportunity for the other to participate and it’s a link, which keeps on growing. You play one event, you organize the other, that is how it keeps growing. And for those who are new to the sport, special clinics are organized to teach skills by a certified teaching professional. Apart from these events, a lot of corporate outings are planned as well, from team building initiatives to developing exclusive business leads, from thanking clients to company brainstorming, a corporate has all the reasons to get on to a Golf Course. 

Corporates want to make their clients feel privileged, from customers of a bank to luxury car owners to credit card holders, every corporate has a client to cater to. What best can be there for them than to be introduced to Golf. There are now a lot of operators in the business of corporate Golf tours both domestic and International. Operators from US, UK and Australia plan trips to South East Asia especially Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and vice versa. Corporates are the key players to make Golf a multi-billion dollar industry. They help in sponsoring professional tournaments, corporate events and outings. They travel to various golfing destinations, buy most of the membership, buy equipment and merchandise, sponsor players, contribute to club revenues. 

You name it, they do it for Golf but the question is, why do they do so?

The simple answer is brand recognition and brand recall. This is how Golf pays back to the corporates. Golf sponsorship has become the leading form of corporate branding for companies to deliver awareness campaigns and open up additional markets for them to pursue clients and grow business. Corporates reach out to their target customers by way of international Live TV, print media campaigns, on course branding and signage. Besides associating with the sport is a prestige and honor in itself. The diverse demographics of the golfers make it easy for the corporates to sponsor CEOs to Entrepreneurs to Highly Educated Professionals to Decision makers to HNIs to aspiring middle class. These all are the perfect target customers for any corporate. 

To give you an example, what comes in mind whenever you see Tiger Woods playing? NIKE, isn't it? With time, things change, new players come on top and new sponsors come on board. But the fact is, it is difficult to separate Corporate from Golf, they both go hand in hand. I just need to name few corporates and you will start recalling their association with Golf: ROLEX, ADIDAS, HSBC, FEDEX, ACCENTURE, MERCEDES BENZ, AUDI, BMW, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, OMEGA, SHELL and METLIFE. These corporates are not only there only for their own benefits but they do organize various charity, fundraising events and take various CSR initiatives to give back to the society. The raised money is given to the NGOs and other related organization working for underprivileged part of the society. 

As per IEG Research, the Worldwide spending on Golf sponsorship is expected to total $1.65 Billion mark by this year. Spending includes sponsorship of professional and amateur sanctioning bodies, tournaments, charity fundraisers, endorsement deals and corporate hospitality. BMW is the most active sponsor of Golf on the worldwide stage. Rolex follows in a close second with deals with 26 percent of properties. Alcoholic beverages and banks are the second and third most active categories, respectively. MasterCard International, Inc. is the most active sponsor in North America while banks are the most active category. 

Corporates play a major role in the development of the game and especially in developing countries like India and Africa where Golf is still in a nascent stage. Apart from just sponsoring events, I personally feel that the corporates should contribute in the development of new Golf learning facilities and infrastructure. Introduction of Golf in schools and colleges is very important. Golf can never grow unless it is taken to the masses. Golf has to become affordable and accessible to attract more customers, which would deliver a better ROI (Return on Investment) and would eventually ensure a strong and long term relationship between Corporates and Golf. 

This article is written by Aashish Vaishnava, CEO and Golf Course Designer at AV GOLF INTERNATIONAL

Have you wondered how Bangalore is very clean?

When the whole nation talks about Swachch Bharat, Bangalore leads the way. How? This is how. They burn the garbage.

What about pollution? Pollution, my foot!

This image was clicked just 50 meters to the left of Manyata Embassy Business Park. Between this and the Business park is a Petrol Pump just 5 meters from here. Who cares about safety or pollution? This scene you can see every day morning. By the end of the day, the city is clean, ain't it?

This image was clicked few meters from the KR Puram bridge. Every day morning, you can see this around 7.30 AM. 

The same place, another view.

This was clicked in Domlur very near to Diamond district. This is under the foot path that is next to the compound of the ISRO housing colony, Domlur.

And this is what is happening in Delhi. Our heartfelt appreciation for CM Arvind Kejriwal for not only promising but acting on impending issues like these. 

We hope the Karnataka Government looks into this issue at the earliest.

And those of you who want to call us AAP supporters or paid newsmen, well, WE"RE NOT!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

MoS V K Singh's remark "Presstitutes" is justified?

We're are not sure, if his remark is justified or not. But, these tweets on PM Modi's shawl by journalists Rana Ayyub and Sagarika Ghose might answer that question. 

It all started with the Shawl Modi was wearing in France. Please refer to the following tweets.

And then a funny thing happened. A fellow twitter user tweeted to Louis Vuitton asking them if they produce such shawls.

Pat came this reply from LV

Realizing the mistake (a deliberate one), Sagarika tweeted back

We are still wondering, how come someone tweet about something, without knowing the real facts?
If this wasn't enough, Mihir Sharma, another journalist joined the band wagon.

And who answered Mihir Sharma now? An IFS officer, Mr. Vivek Kumar

And how did Mihir Sharma react?

Coming back to the title of this post, we're really not sure about it. We leave that to you. You decide!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mosquitoes to prevent Malaria!

Yes, you read that right.

Spoiler Alert : This is not a Spiderman like super hero post on insect bite.

We have studied in school, learnt from TV/Newspapers that Malaria is caused by mosquitoes and so did I know until one of my colleagues pulled me around for a discussion about a Malaria research program. A bunch of researchers from Seattle BioMed are conducting a research in the US, where people who have never had Malaria infection will get bitten by Anopheles Stephensi Mosquitoes !!?

These are no ordinary mosquitoes. They are genetically attenuated (weakened) and are aimed to produce immunity in the people who suffer the bite. The science behind this, in simple, is the concept behind the Small pox or a Polio vaccine.  A disease causing microorganism is weakened and injected into human beings to generate immunity. If we remember the life cycle, when a mosquito bites, sporozoites enter the bloodstream, and reach the liver. They infect liver cells, where they multiply into merozoites, rupture the liver cells, and return to the bloodstream and infect the Red blood cells. Scientists genetically modify the sporozoites by deleting critical genes from their DNA, so that upon reaching the liver, they will trigger an immune response, generate immunity and die without causing the infection.

Image Source - Wikipedia
In animal studies, the vaccine has shown 100% efficacy in preventing the infection.  Research in human beings is underway before the vaccine could be approved for use publicly. Of course, it is highly impossible and impractical to immunize large number of people by subjecting them to mosquito bites. The scientists are working their way out to find a large scale manufacturing solution to mass produce the vaccine.

Though treatment is available, no vaccine is currently available to prevent Malaria although several vaccines are in late stage research. The lead in that group is the RTS,S vaccine developed by GSK in collaboration with The Path Malaria Vaccine Initiative which is currently under regulatory review.

A 2014 WHO report on Malaria indicates that globally,

-  3.3 billion people are at risk of being infected with malaria and developing disease (1.2 billion are at high risk [>1 in 1000 chance of getting malaria in a year]).

-  198 million cases of malaria occurred globally in 2013

-  led to 0.58 million deaths ( ~90% of all malaria deaths occur In the WHO African Region of which children aged under 5 years, account for 78% of all deaths)

Drug resistance is a serious concern and many countries have banned the use of oral Artemisinin based mono-therapy medicines to treat Malaria. Unfortunately, India still allows its use as mono-therapy. When did we, Indians, take mosquitoes seriously.

25 April of every year is the World Malaria Day and the WHO is calling for high-level commitment to the vision of a world free of malaria. A mosquito bite might lead to Malaria infection.  Try to keep the surroundings clean and prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Stay healthy!!

This article is written by Anand Prabu. Follow him on Linkedin here

Friday, April 10, 2015

We should be ashamed, not celebrating.

By now we all know that Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai and India’s Kailash Satyarthi have jointly won the most prestigious award – The Nobel Peace Prize.

The media went into a frenzy and people across both the countries celebrated this proud moment. But is this really a moment of pride for us?

Image Source
No, I’m not trying to demean their accomplishments. It takes immense courage and confidence to escape death and yet stand for your ideas and beliefs (Malala); while it takes highest amount of determination, selflessness and passion to devote your whole life to eliminate child labour.(Satyarthi). However, getting recognised for their efforts is their individual achievement. But as a nation we must hang our heads in shame.

The very fact that a person has to be awarded for showing courage to stand against the exploitation of children shows the despicable situation of our country and the state of apathy we live in. If we, as a nation, are unable to provide basic amenities & fulfill primary needs of our children and prevent their exploitation then what right do we have to celebrate? We have failed our kids.

Since decades both nations have spent Billions in fortifying their borders & fighting mindless wars with each other. Had we spent an equivalent amount on education and eradication of poverty, there wouldn't have been need for any man or woman to dedicate their life for these causes.

Satyarthi has freed over 80,000 children from various types of servitude and exploitation. The worrying fact is that this is just a fraction of the actual number of kids suffering across the country. Today, the condition of many of our country’s children has degraded to such an extent that they are being made to work as bonded labourers for meager or no wages, their limbs are amputated and are made to beg on streets, they are pushed into slavery & flesh trade, and even killed if they are no longer deemed useful. Most of these kids are orphans, abandoned, kidnapped or even sold by their parents owing to extreme poverty. On paper there are various schemes, policies and laws to prevent child-exploitation, but those are hollow without the will to implement it.

Over 325,000 children went missing in India since 2011. Around 45% of missing children are never found. And yet today we are celebrating & feeling proud of getting global recognition. Like always, there are debates and discussions about the deplorable condition of country’s children on news channels, in papers, at offices & homes.

But tomorrow, once again we shall silently ignore the kids sitting on roadside and begging for a coin,
We would ignore those little legs risking their lives by running in-between heavy traffic to sell balloons,
We will silently drink teas served by bruised little hands,
We would silently pass by the shops where we know kids are being made to work in inhumane conditions. We will hear their cries, yet keep walking as if we didn't hear a thing,
We will look away when we see kids in garbage bins searching for bottles and plastic,
We will turn a blind eye towards tiny fragile bodies that perform dangerous stunts in street circuses or whip themselves to earn a living.

And yet we are rejoicing that our countryman has won a Nobel. Apart from few such selfless social workers, there are rarely few who are contributing towards creating a society where henceforth there won’t be a need for a Satyarthi to devote his whole life trying to save children or a Malala to preach importance of education and knowledge.

Let’s ask ourselves, what we would do if these were our kids? The issue is that we don’t consider kids other than ours as even human beings, and hence this indifferent attitude. It’s time we do some serious introspection.

This article is written by Raju Verghese. Follow him on Facebook here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shoot them all. We do not want another Veerappan

20 red sanders smugglers have been shot dead. Jobless politicians have something to cheer for the next few days. They would be interviewed, they would join discussions on television channels answering when the nation demands. Compensation of INR 3 lakhs announced for the victims and the blame-game has started already. Police allege that they shot in self-defense. Looking at the pictures, the victims were wearing jeans and I am not sure how many tribal men wear jeans. We do not know what exactly happened and whether these tribal men worked for a bigger gang. Ignorance is not an escape route for anyone under the law of the land. Just because they could be woodcutters doesn't mean that they can indulge in anything illegal.

In the year 1997, in my village which borders the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, a Mahindra van belonging to the forest official was blocked and the gang released an accused and damaged the van and thrashed the forest officials. This is how things were in those times. Fast forward a decade, no one visits the forest and people whose lives were dependent on cutting trees were no longer the same. They indulge in some other business and I have heard that the forest cover had gone up in the locality. The reason? Almost everyone who was involved in damaging the van had to go through tough times in Jail and that translates to loss of income for most of them as they were daily laborers. But even today, most of them would argue that the forest officials should not have arrested that person who is innocent but no one dares to ask what this innocent man was doing inside the reserve forest. Even in our own farm in our village, before cutting any tree we have to take permission. You might ask why but that is how the system works. The tree belongs to us, the farm is ours but we need to take permission. We had a Sandalwood tree in our farm and it was cut by poachers a decade ago. 

Image Source
When you start finding reasons for why these people have become poachers, you'll find a handful. Let us not get into that. If they started attacking the police officers and forest officials, this is bound to happen. Remember, these forest officials have a family and a school going son or daughter. No one bats an eyelid when a police official dies in an encounter. I had a friend in Engineering whose dad was with BSF. He always used to tell me, "I will make my dad resign once I get a job." Think about it. The poachers, smugglers work for a biggie whose name would never come out in public. But no one forced these poachers to take this as a profession. They chose this profession. 

But whether killing them is necessary? Well, it depends. If you're being attacked and if you were in the forest official's place, I am sure you'd not mind killing those bastards. But if you were in the forest official's place and had you been asked to kill for political vendetta, or to settle scores, I am sure you would have offered your resignation. In a Kamal Hassan movie the villain would say to Kamal, "You cannot kill me, if you do, your middle-class conscience would kill you every day throughout your life." This is one thing many take for granted. But should we politicize and sensationalize every issue? I am not sure. This is not a small incident to ignore. But can we shoot a rich guy at the airport who smuggles gold in to our country? Can we shoot the scamsters? Can we shoot people who evade taxes?

Yes, if they try to kill a Government official. We do not want another Veerappan. Please do not support any politician or a media house that is trying to sensationalize this issue. Let us wait for the truth to emerge. Till then, remember this, "Ignorance of the law is not an escape route."

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Flipkart Exclusive - Lenovo A 7000

Lenovo has launched its budget smartphone Lenovo A7000 in India. This phone was earlier unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. It is priced at INR 8999 and would be exclusively available  on Flipkart. It is the first smart phone with Dolby Atmos sound technology. The phone is powered by a 64 bit 1.5 GHz octa core processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB. It would run the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

Image Source
It is a dual SIM (micro SIM) smart phone that weighs 140 gms and has a 5.5 inch screen. The phone measures 152.6x76.2x7.99mm The resolution of the phone is 720*1280 pixels. The battery capacity is 2900mAh. The phone has an 8MP auto-focus rear camera with with a Sony IMX219 Sensor and 5MP fixed focus front camera. The phone is 7.9 mm thin. This phone supports USB-OTG. The touchscreen is capacitive and the battery is removable. The phone will be available in two colors Onyx Black and Pearl White.

“At Lenovo we are committed to providing cutting edge technology to our consumers. The A7000 brings in flagship worthy features and performance at an incredible price making it a perfect choice for consumers looking for a trendy and powerful phone loaded with future-proof features,” said Sudhin Mathur, Director- Smartphones, Lenovo India.

 This phone will be exclusively available on  Flipkart via flash sales. The flash sale is scheduled for April 15th and the registrations for the same has started already.

“The Lenovo A series has been very well received by our customers since its launch in January this year. We are happy to partner with Lenovo again to launch Lenovo A7000. The latest addition to this series. Dedicated towards providing world class products at great value to our consumers, we are positive that this new-age smartphone will cater to every customer requirement.” Said Amitesh Jha, Vice President, Retail, Flipkart

This phone is expected to give tough competition to Redmi Note. For registrations visit this link.

Times Now should stop sensitizing news for TRPs

Few days back when India lost to Australia in the World Cup semi-finals, Times Now, started tweeting the hashtag, #ShamedinSydney. Cricket fans did not take that lightly and they started trending the hashtag, #ShameOnTimesNow worldwide. It seems that the channel did not learn the lesson. Today it started trending the hashtag, #VKDisaster. Refer to the following tweets of Times Now.

It was a sarcastic comment from the MoS (External Affairs) V.K.Singh. When the whole world is in awe of India's efforts in evacuating its citizens from the war torn Yemen, Times Now to increase its TRP has started trending this hashtag and eventually shows its sleazy nature to think only of making money. Check out the trending topics in the following image.

When nations like US, France and Germany sought India's assistance to evacuate their citizens from Yemen, instead of crediting the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and V.K.Singh, Times Now shouldn't have thrown mud at V.K.Singh. Let us hope they learn this time from their mistakes and stop sensitizing news for TRPs.

My take on Deepika’s “My choice”

Since long we have been talking about women equality, empowerment, Nirbhaya and a lot of organizations have been creeping up only for the same. But have we done something which can actually make each and every woman feel secure of doing whatever she wants to do? We still have parents who tell their daughters not to pursue a career in fashion designing, acting, mechanical engineering etc. There are husbands who prevent their wives from having a career. The hooligans in the streets have made it the most unsafe place for a woman. The society still blames the woman for being there. 

More than half of Indians came together to protest against the rapists in the Nirbhaya case but has there been any effect? Have we been able to prevent rapes or at least have we been able to bring the government to take adequate steps to prevent such crimes? We all know the truth. The culprits of Nirbhaya rape case are still languishing in jail giving interviews to news channels at the cost of the Indian tax payer. When the Potus Mr.Obama visited India, the police installed 15000 CCTV cameras in Delhi. They didn’t have an answer when the Delhi high court questioned them why the same was not done for the safety of women in Delhi.

Deepika Padukone’s video on women empowerment, not sure if it was a marketing tactic for her next  movie Piku, but a  video that has notched 73.18 lakh views and is still trending. “My choice” to do whatever I like is the message conveyed. There are a lot of issues where a woman needs freedom to say it was “My Choice” in her life. But Deepika was more focused on having more sex. Is it the sole issue for women empowerment? In a county which is competing for the top spot with the largest number of people with HIV, is this truly women empowerment? Is the right to education or right to safety any less important than having more sex? But then Deepika’s intention was not actually women empowerment, was it? Guess it was rather to storm up a controversy for the free publicity it would create for her movie. The same is with most of our celebrities and various organizations. True women empowerment is the heart of the Indian society. If we don’t address this issue in its true sense, the very founding pillars of the Indian society would fall.

As women we need to understand what is best for us. We are not to be swayed by such videos which are not the true reflection of women empowerment. Let us fight for the right to education for women, right to safety, right to free speech, right to live and right to excel. We have to make ourselves confident enough to take decision for ourselves – a decision that leads us for "complete physical, mental and social well-being”.

This article is written by Sandhya Ravi Bhat. Follow her on Facebook here.