Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Have you wondered how Bangalore is very clean?

When the whole nation talks about Swachch Bharat, Bangalore leads the way. How? This is how. They burn the garbage.

What about pollution? Pollution, my foot!

This image was clicked just 50 meters to the left of Manyata Embassy Business Park. Between this and the Business park is a Petrol Pump just 5 meters from here. Who cares about safety or pollution? This scene you can see every day morning. By the end of the day, the city is clean, ain't it?

This image was clicked few meters from the KR Puram bridge. Every day morning, you can see this around 7.30 AM. 

The same place, another view.

This was clicked in Domlur very near to Diamond district. This is under the foot path that is next to the compound of the ISRO housing colony, Domlur.

And this is what is happening in Delhi. Our heartfelt appreciation for CM Arvind Kejriwal for not only promising but acting on impending issues like these. 

We hope the Karnataka Government looks into this issue at the earliest.

And those of you who want to call us AAP supporters or paid newsmen, well, WE"RE NOT!