Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Times Now should stop sensitizing news for TRPs

Few days back when India lost to Australia in the World Cup semi-finals, Times Now, started tweeting the hashtag, #ShamedinSydney. Cricket fans did not take that lightly and they started trending the hashtag, #ShameOnTimesNow worldwide. It seems that the channel did not learn the lesson. Today it started trending the hashtag, #VKDisaster. Refer to the following tweets of Times Now.

It was a sarcastic comment from the MoS (External Affairs) V.K.Singh. When the whole world is in awe of India's efforts in evacuating its citizens from the war torn Yemen, Times Now to increase its TRP has started trending this hashtag and eventually shows its sleazy nature to think only of making money. Check out the trending topics in the following image.

When nations like US, France and Germany sought India's assistance to evacuate their citizens from Yemen, instead of crediting the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and V.K.Singh, Times Now shouldn't have thrown mud at V.K.Singh. Let us hope they learn this time from their mistakes and stop sensitizing news for TRPs.