Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Make someone smile today!

Have you seen people occupying the seats reserved for senior citizens and act as if they are asleep when a senior citizen stands in a crowded bus? I have seen many such instances in Bangalore. Sitting on their seat is not a crime when there is no older person in the bus. But when someone is there and if you act as if you did not notice, remember you'd become very old one day too. I pray that you buy a car soon before all your hairs go white. On a serious note, where are the chivalrous men? Are they not being produced anymore? Please do not tell me that the fairer sex have started looking at chivalrous men as flirts and that had lead to the death of chivalry. I am not buying it!

But then there are real men who you can admire and look up to. I can quote hundreds of incidents where they had given a different meaning to being kind and chivalrous. They're empathetic and it rains because we have such people on earth. Here is an incident that happened to one of my mentors, Mr. Mathai Fenn. Here is his account of what has happened to him today morning in Ernakulam.

This is the bus Mr. Mathai Fenn traveled

"Today I traveled between Ernakulam town hall to Manorama junction in this bus. I was terrified by the driver as two people in the bus lost balance. As the bus approached my stop, I told the conductor that I have a disability and politely asked him not to move the bus until I have alighted. He asked me to alight from the front door. I told him that I am afraid to walk to the front door when the driver drives like this. For which the conductor said, "You have a disabled leg and already you are talking so much. What would you say if you have more disabilities?"

He ended the conversation with


I am a big fan of public transport. I believe private buses in Kerala ought to be held accountable for their recklessness.

As the conductor walked away, my co passenger told me, "You will soon learn that they don't care about us, the law or anyone else!! "

It makes your blood boil. Isn't it? The private bus drivers are always in a hurry and they do not care about the safety of the passengers and to make things worse, they have a very bad attitude. This is the reason why the drivers of the buses get roughed up when they hit a motorist or a pedestrian even if the bus driver is not at fault.

Next time, when you see someone older than you standing in a crowded bus, offer him your seat irrespective of where you're seated.  Wouldn't you be doing this to your dad or mom? I am sure, you would. Be compassionate and kind. Help a stranger. Make someone smile today. Let us join hands to spread this legacy!