Sunday, April 12, 2015

MoS V K Singh's remark "Presstitutes" is justified?

We're are not sure, if his remark is justified or not. But, these tweets on PM Modi's shawl by journalists Rana Ayyub and Sagarika Ghose might answer that question. 

It all started with the Shawl Modi was wearing in France. Please refer to the following tweets.

And then a funny thing happened. A fellow twitter user tweeted to Louis Vuitton asking them if they produce such shawls.

Pat came this reply from LV

Realizing the mistake (a deliberate one), Sagarika tweeted back

We are still wondering, how come someone tweet about something, without knowing the real facts?
If this wasn't enough, Mihir Sharma, another journalist joined the band wagon.

And who answered Mihir Sharma now? An IFS officer, Mr. Vivek Kumar

And how did Mihir Sharma react?

Coming back to the title of this post, we're really not sure about it. We leave that to you. You decide!