Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sincerely from heart.

Disclosure: I am someone who voted for AAP in 2014 Loksabha elections just because of the fact that no other political party was in a position to give me confidence of a corruption free and transparent governance. But I also thought Narendra Modi to be a guy with capability, integrity and considered him to be a rare species with an incorruptible tag when it came to governance. But just because of the fact that he was leading a party which had consistent history of corrupt top leaders(at least in states), I couldn't make my mind or convince myself of Modi single handedly transforming this party into one that could provide clean governance.

The current scenario, considering the Vyapam scam, conflict of interest issue with Minster of External affairs Sushma Swaraj and corruption allegations against Rajasthan Chief minister Vasundhara Raje, is what I had feared that central govt or Modi's leadership would face. But instead of celebrating for my prediction being right I would want Modi to prove me and others wrong by sacking these ministers rather than remaining silent as if such issues are non existent. If he acts strict on these issues then the whole nation will build a sense of confidence on this government for its commitment to clean governance. 

I know this is one big "Dharma Sankata" (Indecisive state because decisions can have opposite effects on two equal priority matters) for him in a sense if he supports the ministers and doesn't sack them then his promise of No corruption is affected and if he sacks them then things inside the party could worsen. But every great leader has faced such issues and they have become greater by finding solution to this Dharma Sankata by upholding in every sense that truth alone triumphs. Arjuna faced this same situation in the battlefield when he was suppose to fight against his own people for upholding the Dharma. Krishna, the god himself was there to guide him then. But in real life God can act only in a surrogate way. Onus is on us to find clarity in thinking and act in that direction.

This situation is also a test as well an opportunity for Narendra Modi to show his commitment to clean and transparent governance. If Narendra Modi utilizes this opportunity by exposing his ministers for the sake of the country, it can boost his Image so much that those who had doubts on his leadership like me will be silenced and many will become his ardent supporters. There are 2 more advantages to this. First one being that people in the party will become serious about their work and wouldn't want to get into corrupt activities which can call for strict action from Modi and second is that in future if  any corruption issues arise then people of the India will have tremendous faith in their Modi that the corrupt will be wiped clean and will not trust the Media or any other opposition party.

I sincerely urge Narendra Modi from my heart that he take up this opportunity given to him by God to show his commitment towards clean and transparent governance and earn people's confidence which is required for a leader like him who has huge plans for the nation. Without taking people with him it is difficult to implement those huge plans and get results. This is one big opportunity for him to get more people into his side. But will the PM break his silence.

This article is written by Raghupathi Bhat. Follow him on Twitter here.