Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Me & Kalam.

I met him once, at IIM K, in a crowd of people. He was the President, I, a mere mortal. He endured to the students, I wasn't impressed. Over the years, I kept a tab on him. And I grew to like him.

And this is what I learnt from him, in random order:

a. Greatness is sometimes measured by simplicity, not by wealth.

b. Keep your religion to yourself, don't wear it on your sleeve.

c. The future of any nation lies in the youth. Mould them for works that will bring glory to the nation; not for politiking.

d. Believe in yourself. A boatman's son can become a scientist & a President of a Nation because he believed in himself.

e. Dare to dream but don't forget to wake up and make that dream happen.

f. Don't worry about the critics. They don't feed you or clothe you. And you can't please everyone.

g. Acknowledge old friends and colleagues who helped you and stood by you. Find time to spend with them.

h. A busy man finds time for everything.

i. There is no such thing as retirement when you can keep yourself occupied doing what you do best.

j. Leave footprints in the sands of time. Don't leave this earth without disturbing the sands of time.

k. Revel in working hard for yourself, your family, your friends and your country.

l. Be a unifying force. Don't be divisive. After all, your neighbour has as much right to be on the face of this earth as you have.

Never will be there be another A P J Abdul Kalam. Wherever you are Dr. Kalam, rest in peace.

A grateful nation bids you goodbye.

Adios Amigo!

This is written by Professor Lionel Aranha. He is an Adjunct Faculty in the Humanities & Liberal Arts Area of IIM Kozhikode. Follow him on Facebook here