You have in fact helped me in my personal front (pun unintended) via my twitter handle. When I started tweeting, my handle was @ComedianPraveen and I had 124 followers and after I changed to @Funny_Leone I have close to 13,000 followers. Saw the magic?? You are the maximum searched celebrity in Google and ranked No.44 in Forbes India Top 100 Celebrities of 2014 one below John Abraham who is also allergic to too much of clothes. No wonder you both are so close in the ranking too..

But when you came to India for Bigg Boss, the headlines said “Two well known celebrities set to enter Bigg Boss house” and  I immediately thought of you and that made me watch the shitty show for the first time and probably for the last time. But your entry into this country has given hopes to many losers (always loses her clothes) like Poonam Pandey but you still maintain dignity and class over them. The difference between you and them is the same as the difference between a Hair Stylist and a barber.

The main reason for this letter is to make you aware that the Bollywood movies you are doing are not up to the mark of the earlier movies you did before you joined Bollywood. Those movies had better story line, direction, script, costumes (?!) and acting. But what made you choose this stupid industry to that of the lucrative one? You were in the only job where “You Suck” doesnt mean anything negative. Why did you leave that? Did you also fall into the vicious trap of “Oh!!! Shahrukh Khan is so Cute!!” or for Salman Khan who has bigger assets than you. The worst thing is they made you do item numbers. Its like asking Michael Schumacher to put first gear in his car. But the only good thing about you joining Bollywood industry is that we can get to see you in a movie theatre which would not have happened otherwise.

Having said that, I wish you get many awards for your contribution to the society like Filmfare awards for your acting skills, National award for your dancing skills and also the most suitable award for you – The Golden Globes award for all your all round skills.

This article is written by Comedian Praveen Kumar. To know more about his upcoming shows follow him on Twitter @Funny_Leone