Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Religion: The satanic temple for kids

Does religion actually teach the true values of life to kids and bring out the best in them or does it actually impede their natural potential. Here are the ten advantages of raising children without religion

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1. Fearless - This is true. Kids are not afraid of devil and Satan. They are not afraid of spending overnight in house by themselves. Nobody taught them of devils, hell and Satan. Free their minds of evil and harmful thoughts. Kids are more outgoing when the fear factor to subdue them is not there.

2. Less Friction - There is no friction between kids and parents - no harassment or nagging them to go to church or temple and participate. My childhood memories are full of my mother doing same to me.

3. Family Time - Quality time / free time Sunday. Sunday can be a very good family day for plenty of activities. Sunday was otherwise a lost day in my childhood.

4. Respect - This is very true. Kids respect parents as they think parents are broad minded and kids appreciate parents. As they grow up, they will find out religions are one of the major reasons for wars and fights in the world. Kids feel hypocritical if parents follow religions and then complain about wars and fights.

5. Marriage - Kids can be friendly with anyone and are even free to select their life partners without the bounds of religions. This is huge welcoming factor for the kids to be happy in life after marriage. Lots of time, the person they wanted to be with ended up in a different religion.

6. Rebellious attitude - Rebellious attitude is not there with kids as parents don't tell them to do things which they don't like.

7. Well Mannered - Kids are more charitable, benevolent and good mannered. This is what normally the kids become as against the common belief that religions are only source of teaching morality.

8. Sex - Sexual behaviors are normal: kids when they grow up become sexually active and can do things with an open mind without feeling guilty. This will lead them to behave very responsibly in engaging and in handling sexual desires with the opposite sex. Not feeling guilty is a huge factor in growing to be responsible adults.

9. Ethical - Kids are found highly ethical. Religions play a negative role in making people unethical. Everything religions teach are against normal thinking. Example, Most Christians preach non-Christians will end up in hell. When the teacher lectures about evolution, churches teach opposite. This will make them believe against rational things-parents are irrational as they tell the kids to follow things blindly without questioning.

10. Sensitivity - Insensitive to animals and other species: religions make humans or Homo sapiens a superior species. It is really not true. We are very similar to chimps. However our 20 years of training is what is making us think scientifically and logically. Cave men did behave like animals

This article is written by Abraham Binoy. He is the President at Baylight Construction LLC, Englewood, Florida. Follow him on Facebook here.