Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How a girl saved a kitten that got almost killed by a cruel guy

It was yesterday evening and I was leaving my flat to grab something for dinner and I saw an orange kitten around my door. It was very friendly and gave me a kitty hug by rubbing its body and face against my legs. It was purring and I have never seen a kitten so friendly. And I am sure you would have seen various cat videos and stories about how friendly or unfriendly the cats are. So before you guys pounce upon me for writing that the cat is friendly, let me tell you something that researchers claim. A cat is actually declaring you are its property by rubbing its body against you. So a kitten has adopted me. Now it would bring me whatever it hunts so that I can treasure it.

We have cats at our home in our hometown and I am used to cats since I was a kid. But I have never seen a kitten becoming friendly with a stranger. I stay with my cousin brother and I was not sure whether to keep this kitten as a pet. So I held the kitten by its scruff and went to the flat next floor where a couple of friends stay. They told me that just then the kitten had surveyed their flat and peed in their hall and asked me to take it downstairs immediately.

So I took it down and left it near my door to go buy some milk for it. Meanwhile it started running in the parking area and tried to get out of our apartment complex through the gap in the gate. It got stuck and so I pulled it back and held it by the scruff. That is when I saw this girl on the street who said something to me. I looked in to her to hear again what she said. She was like, "Don't be cruel to the kitten". Cruel? Oh. Alright! She, just like many others expressed her fake love for this abandoned kitten and acted smart by passing her comments and went on minding her own business. So much for an animal lover.

Before these fake people show their fake love to other animals, why not know the facts? I was holding the kitten by its scruff. And she thought that must be painful for the kitten. May be most of the people think that way. The best way to carry a cat or a kitten is to hold by its scruff. Haven't you seen how the mother cat (Be it a Lion or Tiger or a domestic cat) carries its younger ones? When you do this way, the kitten or the cat becomes still and would not be aggressive. May be you guys should check out this article.

In another related incident, I trampled down a centipede with my shoes few days back that was exiting our classroom and I heard my classmates screaming at me not to kill that. I am not sure how these people would have reacted if it was found inside their bag or if it was found near their bed or what would they do if they had a toddler at home. Most of the folks who screamed consume meat and they tried teaching me a lesson on loving centipedes. Either I am a hypocrite who is a vegetarian but do not mind killing something thinking that might harm us or they are hypocrites who eat flesh but do not mind teaching me about loving centipedes. 

PS - I did not kill a centipede on a trekking expedition. I killed one that came out of the classroom. And here I was trying to save that kitten and help it find a new home. And for those wondering what happened to that kitten, when I came back with a packet of milk, the kitten wasn't there.