Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Google Keep - You might wanna Keep it!

There are several ways to keep a “To-do” list. Some carry a notepad and pen, some use post-its or set up reminders in Mobile etc. I’ve always wanted an option to keep all my to-do items in one place and have the flexibility to access it in my computer and mobile.

Tried several applications and found Google keep to be the perfect way to manage my list. Google Keep, in fact, is much more useful than what I thought an ideal app could help me.

Google Keep helps me sync across my computer and mobile – so when I am at work or at home in my laptop, I do not have to reach out to my mobile to make a note or set a reminder for a task
Coming to the features, 

The app is very simple and takes no longer than a few minutes for you to become comfortable  using it

You can add checkbox to your list to simply tick off the completed items

Ability to choose a Color and add labels to code notes helps to organize and pull out what I need quickly

And if the list of notes is too long, a simple search will turn it up

See something and have an action item on it for later? Suppose you have sent a courier and need to check the delivery status of it the next day, simply take a picture and save it with a reminder. A pop up at the specified time reminds you of the same and shows up the image – Pretty simple, isn’t it?

And now the advantage of being a Google product, 

      o The app allows you to share your lists, notes with other Google users and you can export your notes in a word document as well. Select one or more notes and export to Google doc.

      o Add location to the notes, so when you move into that location, the app brings up the reminder for you

If you want to try, the app is found at Google Play or Scan the QR Code by pointing your phone at it