Thursday, June 18, 2015

Swinging towards Hope,Finally!

13/12/2001 – Parliament attack. Our glorious response - ‘Operation Parakram’, started with  the customary political jingoism, ended with the customary political whimper.

2002 – Akshardham attack

2003 – Spate of bombings in Mumbai. Our response – Let’s play cricket.

2005 – Jaunpur train bombing, Delhi bombings

2006 - Varanasi bombings, Mumbai train bombings, Malegaon bombings

2007 - Samjhauta Express bombings

2008 - Terror attack on CRPF camp in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur bombings, Bangalore serial blasts, Ahmedabad serial blasts , Delhi bombings , 26/11 – Mumbai terror attack

2009 – Guwahati bombings , Assam bombings

2010 – Pune bombing ; Varanasi bombing

2011 – Mumbai bombings , Delhi blast

2012 – Attack on Israeli diplomats , Pune bombings

2013 – Srinagar attacks , Patna bombings , Bodh Gaya blasts.

Our innovative and visionary response – Track II Chaman ka Tamasha.

And then in 2015 – Terrorists attack our army in Manipur, massacre eighteen of our army men.

Finally in 2015 political wing of governance shows some spine, we respond in kind with ‘Operation Myanmar’. A truly glorious operation. Swift,precise,surgical ; taking the enemy by surprise , filling us with pride. The moles inside MSM immediately betray their loyalties , belligerent neighbor on western border starts hyperventilating. At long last, a fitting response. An epochal moment ,or certainly the beginning of one , one hopes.

This article is written by NikhilD. Follow him on Twitter here.