Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Musings of a Beeroholic - Part 4

Alcohol is like Instagram filters, makes everything look better!

People say time is precious, don't waste it. Seems the idiots never experienced pain and loss caused by spilled alcohol!

Alcohol stopped making me drunk long time back, now all it does is to introduce me to myself!

Never understood the concept of mixing alcohol with juice, it is cheating your poor internal organs which gets confused with such sorcery!

Wisdom is that you control the alcohol; insanity is to let the alcohol control you.

Stop telling me about the ill effects of alcohol, I just hate rumors!

Humans fool around, alcohol doesn't!

Morning: Take bath, cleanse your body...... Evening: Take alcohol, cleanse your soul!

Default flavor of alcohol is 'Life'

You fill your glass with alcohol when you drink alone, memories when there is a company.

                                                                                           ..........................To be Continued

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