Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sunny Leone makes Men spend more time in the Loo!

The other day I was in a mall and had to use the restroom. I noticed that men were taking exceedingly more time to relieve themselves at the urinals. When few of the urinals got vacant, I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and decided to investigate. And this is what I found.

Having studied Marketing in MBA, I started analyzing various aspects of this advertisement. Guerilla Marketing of this kind are inexpensive and yields maximum results. Check out the non-verbal gesture in this image and I am sure it catches the attention of the viewer and it makes them special and feel important. This image communicates the message so well and is sure of creating Top-of-Mind awareness for the brand. 

Hats off to the creative mind that has come up with this idea.

This article is written by Raju Verghese. Follow him on Facebook here.