Monday, June 22, 2015

Being a Doctor's Wife.

It is one of those lazy afternoons of Sunday, and I am chatting with my neighbor about the salary of maids these days. And as usual the conversation ends up at "Arrey, tumhare woh toh doctor hain na? kya faraq padega!" (Your husband is a doctor, right? what does it matter...), and I just return a smile with the thought, 'Only if they knew...'

I am a millionaire, which is what every person thinks when I tell them that my husband is a doctor. Well sorry to disappoint you fellas, the grass this side is not anymore prettier than yours! The doctors wallet might be fat, but so are the medical books ;) .

Life of being a doctor’s wife is not just about riding fancy cars and attending parties, but it is full of compromises and sacrifices more than a regular housewife does. 

To begin with there is no 'weekend', he is on call ANYTIME, and needless to say a person could get injured anytime. Hence we always end up late at family parties and gatherings. On arriving, and facing the question "Why are you late?” is another task.

There are also these so called 'Night Duties', where he goes to the hospital at 8 AM and returns the next morning, well this does get bugging and boring. Furthermore, when you are in a conversation with your hubby, you shall get interrupted by calls! (Which are usually from the clinic). Unfortunately, you will have to repeat the entire story again.

Maybe I might take pages to write about the problems created when the doc is not at home, but even though he is very busy, getting married to a doctor isn't so bad as you think (Remember, "Every coin has two sides").

If any family member falls sick then worry not! Free help and care is available at your doorstep :) . Secondly, he has many other 'doctor' friends, so to visit other speciality doctors, we need not wait in those long queues (Such a relief!). 

Adding to the pros, these doctors have in depth knowledge of everything which helps to keep our GK updated as well. We as a family get opportunities to explore new places, while the husband is busy at the conferences (yes, the family too can be brought along). And not to forget, they get lots and lots of complimentary gifts and as women, we are crazy for gifts, aren't we?

But do you know what the best part is? When I go to sleep praying for the safety of my family, there will always be another person out there praying for my husband for saving their relatives life. And that my dear readers, is indeed a very peaceful and satisfying feeling!

P.S - I truly respect my Husband for the service he is doing and I love him for being the best and caring husband and a darling father.

This article written by Zoya Tabassum.