Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stamp it, I say!

Thanks to a school friend of mine who teased me with an Australian Stamp and did not allow me touch it, I’m a Philatelic club member for the past 12 years and have a modest collection of stamps.

When I started, it was pretty tough to see new stamps especially the commemorative stamps. My parents found it to be a useless hobby and seeking money from them for a membership in Post office was far from the remotest possibility. However, I managed to exchange (sometimes beg, borrow and even steal J ) to increase my collection.

Having already bid goodbye to Telegram, Stamps are kind of having a slow death. I have not received a new stamp from the Post office for the past two years and when I went to inquire about it there was a shocker awaiting me. The post office had a heavy shortage of the regular stamps and so the commemorative stamps were sold to the public in place of regular stamps.  I was told that this is the situation in most branches.

However I stumbled upon this initiative from the Department of Posts – a stamp with your own image that interested me. Yes, it can be you, your company logo, pet, favorite photograph etc. Sounds exciting, at least to people like me who love stamps.

Imagine surprising your kids by gifting them a sheet of stamps carrying their image – am sure they would love to send letters to uncles and aunts

 A sheet of 12 stamps cost 300 and will be delivered at your door step. So what are you waiting for, check the link for placing orders.

For those of you who remember Meghdoot post cards, SuperStar Rajnikanth featuring cards were issued after his movie “BABA”. For commoners like us, this is a blessing and let us hope this could create some interest in school children to use postal letters. In this internet savvy world, let us try it for a change and encourage our children to do so!

This article is written by Anand Prabu. Follow him on Linkedin here.