Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The social media is overflowing with messages related to the verdict of Salman Khan in the hit and run case. Some cheered that the verdict restored their faith in the judiciary and others credited it to the new BJP government in Maharashtra while blaming the earlier government for dragging the case so long. If the actor was not found guilty, we are sure, social media and the opposition would have started blaming PM Modi and would have linked this to Salman's father endorsing PM Modi in the parliamentary elections and the meetings Salman had with PM Modi. Some went to the extent of even saying PM Modi would save Salman before the verdict was announced.

Though we know that King Khan and Salman Khan are not in good terms, it is a noble gesture from Shahrukh Khan to have spent some time with Salman Khan today before the verdict was announced. Media as usual, for their TRPs started talking about who cried in Salman Khan's family and who did not. It was almost 13 years since the incident happened and you could see the families of victims were not enthused about the punishment for the actor but were more interested about the compensation. Poor souls! 

This article would be incomplete if we do not write about the reactions of the actor's fans. As usual the educated, well-read people who love the actor were defending him stating that 200 crores is riding on him. Well, 200 crores is a big amount, but don't the producers know that they were taking a huge risk betting on the actor? Some were mentioning that the court should consider the charity works of the actor under his foundation, "Being Human" before passing the verdict. Are you telling the court that, even if someone runs over five people and kills them, if he does something good to the society, that should be considered before passing the judgement? We are just wondering what would these people say when the Blackbuck case verdict is announced. He was not carrying the papers in the hit and run case and was in possession of illegal arms (arms with expired license) when he was involved in the poaching case.

We were not sure how the actor or his fans would have reacted if he was acquitted. But for sure, no one would be talking about his medical condition. Since he is convicted now, we have come to know of it. 

There were lots of funny messages related to this verdict on social media. We personally liked these messages.

A drunk and drive, hit and run case took almost 13 years for the verdict to be announced. While you are at it, do remember, the Blackbuck poaching incident happened in the year 1998.