Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Let them eat chicken or paneer!"

Dal-chawal is the quintessential meal of the common Indian man. The ordinary Indian man stocks up his dal and chawal at the beginning of the month as soon as he lays hands on his monthly salary. For him, buying fresh produce like vegetables and meat on a regular basis is totally out of the question. Now if reports are to be believed, then toor dal might also become a luxury commodity to the common folk with its retail prices expected to sky rocket towards Rs. 200 per kilogram. The price of urad dal is also likely to go up in the coming days owing to the shortage of supply due to shortfall in production. As per Government data, the prices of pulses have gone up by 30% over the short span of four weeks. A year ago, the price of toor dal was around 85 per kg as per the data from the Consumer Affairs Ministry. Government officials admit that they are fully aware of the situation and are doing their best to boost the supply through imports