Friday, September 18, 2015

A quick and easy weight loss tip!

Here is an instant, effective way to reduce your calorific intake and in turn shed some extra unwanted kilos!

Most of us are in the habit of drinking tea or coffee many times a day and we just can't seem to get through the day without sipping on some piping hot tea or coffee. But that's where those extra calories from milk and of course sugar come into the picture! Most of us conveniently make the mistake of not counting the calories that come from tea and coffee. Let's not even get started about the calories in your favourite cappuccino or hot chocolate that come with oodles of full cream and froth! Some might find consolation in drinking green tea and some might use "healthier" substitutes like skimmed milk, almond milk, soy milk or even coconut cream. Artificial sweeteners are gaining a lot of followers lately as well. But these may not work for everyone in the long run owing to the additional expenses incurred as well as the unavailability of certain products in the Indian market. And sadly, they simply don't taste just as good.

So, how can we still sip on our beloved tea and at the same time not gain all those extra calories. Tea and coffee does not contain any calories as such. The whole fat milk and sugar are the main culprits behind all those extra unwanted calories. One might ask, how do we steer out of this calorie laden minefield? Here's the answer, thank you! Just like we talk about diets and dieting, the solution lies in reduced portion size or portion control. Drink half the quantity of what you are used to drinking or even less. If your happiness lies in drinking a big fancy mug of coffee, it might be better off drinking half the quantity as compared to skipping that whole mugful of guilty pleasure. We have to accept and the benefits of drinking tea and coffee as well. If you reduce your intake of whole milk tea/ coffee with sugar you might cut down around 70 to 100 calories (approximately) from your daily calorific intake without arousing the displeasure of your taste buds. Or, a novel idea would be to replace your most cherished coffee mug with the humble small steel filter coffee cup served in South Indian restaurants and houses. The lesser the better! In the meanwhile, you can slowly get your taste buds accustomed to drinking some freshly brewed green tea. Also, keeping your body dehydrated by drinking sufficient water curbs your desire to have sugar laden drinks to a great extent!