Friday, December 26, 2014

A movie buff's take on Aamir Khan's PK

Aamir Khan's starrer PK has beautifully used humor to convey the message without being preachy about it. It made the audience think and introspect. The protesters (those who are not protesting merely for the sake of publicity) are unable to realize that the movie is not debunking religion itself, but how religion today has been reduced to rituals, symbolism, god-men and blindly following mindless traditions just for the sake of it.

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The true essence of religion like spirituality, righteousness, self-discovery, transcendence has been lost due to commercialization of faith. The movie is trying to demystify these practices and bring to light the true meaning of religion that can be understood only by questioning the illogical acts done in name of faith.

I can correlate it with the medical field. Today, it is facing several issues like unethical practices, unnecessary tests, unreasonable costs, unqualified doctors, etc. Most of us blindly follow doctor’s advice because of lack of medical knowledge and fear of health and life of self or a loved one. Questioning these irregularities doesn't mean we are disregarding the history or achievements of medical science.

No wonder the movie has become so popular, since most of us have suffered because of this game of blind faith at some point of time in our lives.

This article is written by Raju Verghese. Follow him on Facebook here.